Malton Seventh-day Adventist Church

Branding • Web Design

This project was consisted of a website design and the creation of a visual identity for a local church. The redesign coincided with the church's 35th anniversary.

Key Objectives

Above: The intitial concept for the lettermark and the finished product.

Malton SDA's slogan for the year, "From Victory to Victory", a reference to the first building the congregation worshipped in, and the name of their inter-church sports teams, is encapsulated in the V.

Above: The lettermark and wordmark displayed horizontally and stacked.

Homepage of

Humber College

Graphic Design • Social • UX

While I was working at Humber College, Humber's leadership wanted to make an effort to get students that received early offers of admission to accept their offers sooner.

To contribute to this endeavour, I used social media to engage with these students and get them excited about attending Humber. With the help of the Student Recruitment department I created a short video encouraging potential students to show how excited they were about receiving their acceptance letters.

Within a few days of posting this video on the Humber Facebook page, students posted dozens of pictures, and even we even received a few videos.